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Managing Customer Concentration Risk

So you just lost your largest customer. Customer concentration is a major risk to many companies. What would the impact be of the loss of one or more of your largest customers? One option to help secure your long term position with your most important customers is…



The Deceptive Busy-ness℠ Trap

We’re working hard than ever, but just not growing in a profitable way. Words all too commonly heard from companies that have fallen into the Deceptive Busy-ness℠ Trap. With resources limited, customer demands at an all time high, and aggressive competition companies can’t afford to spend scare resources on anything but the most profitable opportunities…



Understanding the Sales Process Gap

Sales training by itself is not enough for a company to reach their full growth potential. Often companies invest in expensive CRM systems and find only a marginal improvement in sales growth. A common reason for this is the Sales Process Gap. Consider these questions to assess whether your company has a Sales Process Gap… and what to do about it…



Value-Based Pricing Strategy

Tired of leaving profits on the table?Effective pricing strategy is one of the most difficult and complex elements in running a profitable business. Yet, many companies struggle between over pricing and losing the business and under pricing and leaving money on the table. There are 5 common pricing pitfalls…

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