Matt Cottrill, MBA, CEO

Matt Cottrill is a seasoned executive who helps privately-held manufacturers accelerate sales revenue growth and improve their bottom lines.

As president and founder of Growth Track Advisors, LLC, (GTA), Matt focuses on enhancing clients’ full spectrum of sales and marketing processes — including positioning, lead generation, and sales management. GTA identifies opportunities, obstacles, and risks within those processes, then develops and implements coordinated and actionable growth strategies.

Matt’s extensive commercial background spans more than 25 years helping manufacturers increase top-line revenues and bottom-line profits. He’s held senior positions in sales, marketing, and business development. And through it all, he’s gained a unique perspective working with both Fortune 500 and small-to-medium companies.

He began his career as a financial cost analyst with USX Corporation, broadening his experience through positions in sales, marketing, product management, business development, and mergers & acquisitions. Following his long tenure at USX, and after holding senior positions with two privately-held manufacturers, Matt launched GTA to answer manufacturers’ need for advice across a broad range of sales and marketing disciplines.

His commercial, M&A, and cost analysis background give Matt a strategic mindset and powerful insights into pricing strategy. He offers his pricing expertise to private clients and through his value-based pricing workshop.

Matt earned a BSBA at Robert Morris University and an MBA through the University of Houston’s executive program. He completed the University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence Entrepreneurial Fellows Program, and is a graduate of the Compression Planning® Institute.

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